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Teach online the easy way! with Finncast Teacher

Finncast Teacher is an online teaching software with an online Whiteboard (smartboard). Finncast Teacher uses a virtual camera which allows you to show your whiteboard with or without your live camera via Skype, Facebook live, Youtube live or any Windows app or website that accepts a camera.

Who would benefit from Finncast Teacher?

Anyone who teaches online or needs to show or explain something online live. The whiteboard allows you write on it with a mouse or a stylus pen an even a graphics tablet. You can write just like a real whiteboard with coloured markers, even type text and add images. The whiteboard has full zoom functionality and you can even snap a jpeg image of the whiteboard. Finncast Teacher allows you to add students you teach in a student enrolment form and a whiteboard is added for each student, meaning every student has their own whiteboard. The advantage of this is if you have a lesson today say with Brad Pitt everything you write or add on the whiteboard will remain there until you clear the whiteboard. This is very useful for the next lesson as you can recap everything on the whiteboard from the previous lesson. Also you can have images, video files, pdf files linked directly to each student. This is a benefit when revising the previous lesson.

Lesson Scheduler

Finncast teacher comes with a lesson scheduler. Scheduling lessons is fast and simple, always stay organised and know who and when your next lesson is.

How the Virtual camera works

Finncast Teacher has a switcher that allows you switch various displays to the virtual camera such as images, playing a video, the whiteboard (smartboard), open pdf book, scrolling text and your real camera. You can also split the display and camera or have a Picture in picture.Taking Skype as an example you simply go to settings audio and video and change existing camera to Virtual Camera and you’re done.

Watch our demo and tutorial video to see how power and beneficial Finncast Teacher is for online teaching.

What you get in Finncast Teasher

  •   Connect real camera
  •   Virtual camera
  •   Built-in Whiteboard
  •   Scrolling text for reading practice
  •   Display 3 images via virtual camera
  •   Play video via virtual camera
  •   Full PDF Reader
  •   Split screen real camera and any other feature display
  •   Picture in Pictue
  •   Whiteboard
  •   Lesson Scheduler
  •   Full student records
  •   Add homework for each student

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online classess per minute

Short Tutorial Video

See how easy it is to use Finncast Teacher.

Online Whiteboard

easy and smart

Online Text Reader

Scrolling text for easy reading

Lesson Planner

Schedule lessons in minutes

Connecing to Skype

connect the virtual camera to Skype

Student registration

Adding student records

PDF Reader

Show your open PDF file via Skype

Full Demo Video

This video covers all aspects of using Finncast Teacher and may from time to time change due to upgrades. The video clearly shows how to use Finncast Teacher and all the benifits it has to offer. If you teach or demonstrate live online Finncast Teacher is the program for you!.Our Virtual Camera let's you teach in programs like Skype, Facebook live, Youtube live or any program / website that utilises a camera.

Our News

We are pleased to announce Finncast Teacher Version 1.0 has been released .

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September 04, 2019

Live News

Finncast Teacher is now available to purchase and bring your online teaching to a whole new level.

Online teaching made easy